WWW | Wellness Word Wednesday | TRIUMPH


Have you ever considered yourself a winner? You should!

It was a great victory to make it out of childhood abuse. That acheivement should be celebrated.

By looking at ourselves *(YOU SEE YOU), we can find the treasures hidden in our lives — and we have many. By focusing on those that hurt us through hate, anger and despair, we only feel like losers.

Maybe I never will accomplish returning the murdered woman to her family, but I have accomplisehd a lot. Her story lives on with me — that is a triumphant feat.

I made it!

Can you see yourself triumphant?

Originally published at https://prisonerbynocrimeofmyown.com on May 31, 2023.



Jodie Tedder

We write openly about our very traumatic childhoods. Understanding. Understanding. Unquestionable understanding. That's the message God has for you always!