Words of Wisdom | Misunderstood

2 min readMay 8, 2024

Triggers and flashbacks — oh my! PTSD and all the symptoms — oh my! Healing while in the throws of a reoccuring scene — oh my!

Judgment happens so often in life. I do it and you do it! We all do it. The problem is judgment hurts.

To judge someone means to form an opinion or conclusion about them. How can we really do this when we don’t really have the facts, we can’t really know the whole situation, or know what they are dealing with internally. But, we judge anyway.

I have been so wrongly judged time and time again and it hurts. While I have pursued justice for a murdered woman folks were making judgments about me constantly. I coundn’t care but it still hurt.

Weekly I dedicated myself to go to counseling, sometimes twice a week. I skillfully dove into the assignments my counselor gave me. No one knew the stuff I was doing to heal but I was still judged for overdrinking, for not being completely present, and for avoiding some other aspects of life.

You know what? I couldn’t do it all. I still can’t do it all. I can only manage what I can manage. I cannot manage more. I could pretend to but my inability and capity for more left my tank on empty.

People judged me for what they saw on the outside. I never quit going to counseling. I never quit pursuing God. I simply was giving all I had to give. The rest of the time it appeared I was crashing. Okay, so I crashed in your mind. I was also living and doing all I could do to heal — I couldn’t call it thriving then but I was getting by and getting by was all I could muster in those days.

Some days still feel like that.

The next time you want to judge someone, think about how many times you have been misunderstood. Maybe you’ll want to hold your thought, pause your tongue and pray for the person you are just about the render judgment on.

Originally published at http://thepedophilehuntress.com on May 8, 2024.




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