UCU | I Married a Sociopath (Part I)

2 min readMay 20, 2024

Moments of reflection — what better way to start a week.

My father was certainly a psychopath. I believe I gave my hand in marriage at the tender age of 18 to a true sociopath. My father was certainly better at the game then my exhusband. The list above says it all.

My father had little interaction with the police even though he murdered a woman. He knew how to stay hidden. My exhusband couldn’t keep a valid driver’s license and was in trouble with the police constantly. While both men were pedophiles, one knew the game better than the other.

I was left to believe that because my ex didn’t know how to hide as well as my father, I thought he was less harmful.

I couldn’t have been farther from the truth.

From Professor Dr. Kemal Arikan, “The term “sociopath” is generally used by the public to define an unscrupulous person, while the term “psychopath” is used to describe a sociopathic person who is more dangerous, such as serial killers.”

So, I’ve described the two men perfectly with these terms. Unfortunately, they left me very unsafe. My ex felt like a better person to me than my father only because he hadn’t murdered.

What’s my point to all this? When you come from a deeply traumatic childhood be very careful to watch who you align yourself with in adulthood. Are chosers have been altered and we will try to replicate what we know. Our minds tell us we aren’t doing that, but we are.

As a recent guest on my podcast (Judy Kowalsky, author of The Art of Britsle) said, “I kept finding the same people.” Indeed that is the truth before we begin to research and find our authentic self — the rest of the story.

I’ll continue next week.

This week’s reflection should be: 1) Am I safe with the people around me? 2) Are my children safe? 3) Am I in the zone of truth where I know I can accurately discern my environment?

Originally published at http://thepedophilehuntress.com on May 20, 2024.




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