~ Questioning Your Mind ~

Doubting memory is a sad tale that brings victims of crimes under scrutiny.

The memory of this ice cream truck is the same time period that the murder occurred. This street was the street I lived on when I was molested by my father, my mother and their friend.

Which memory do you think the saints will question? The ice cream? The murder? The child molestation?

Each of these memories happened when I was three living on Delaware Lane. They are all true, but the ice cream memory has never been contested.


I can have the ice cream memory and no bystander will tell me I’m lying. But, that same bystander cannot believe the rape and murder story?


Same child — same mind. I trust my memories. I trust my mind.

If I had allowed the naysayers into my being and denied myself, I wouldn’t be standing as strong as I stand today.

Don’t let anybody tell you that your memories are not real.



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Jodie Tedder

We write openly about our sexual childhood abuse, not only because we need to express but because we want to shine some light on this difficult healing path.