How to retrain your trauma brain

2 min readApr 5, 2024

Childhood trauma can lead to an adulthood spent in survival mode, afraid to plant roots, to plan for your future, to trust, to let joy in.

Many of us have been trained into negative speculation (negatively guessing what other people think, or what the future holds) because of our upbringing and our trauma.

I used to think that the gloom and doom personality (that I held for all of my teenage years and my 20s as well) was just my personality. I was a glass half full kind of person. Not much you can change about that. Boy, was I wrong!

What if I told you that your personality traits were less ingrained then you could ever imagine? That they didn’t have much to do with who you are but more to do with what you’ve been through and how you learned to think. A simple process of wiring in the brain.

And this is all really good news because we know today that the brain can be rewired. It just takes time consistency, and a dogged commitment to change the way you think.

You’ll feel better, have less to worry about, attract more abundance and joy, be less stressed and get unstuck.

You is that you have a choice about what you think, so why not make it work for you and help you shift from surviving to thriving?

Here’s a trick I learned years ago and still used to this day. I went from being extremely negative and nihilistic person to ceiling overwhelmingly positive on a daily basis.

To do this, spend at least 12 seconds recalling a positive memory, image or relationship. Sit with it. Think about all the reasons your brain classifies this memory, image or relationship as something good. Continue to do this any time you feel stressed out or find yourself veering into negative territory. Over time, your brain will train itself to look on the bright side, rather than giving into the negativity of the moment.

This doesn’t mean you’re ignoring bad things that happen and must be dealt with. It means you are rewiring your brain to lean into positivity rather than negativity. It can build resilience against difficult situations, improve overall mood and even help fight against PTSD.

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