Fortune or Famine?

Which would you choose? Who would knowingly choose famine?

When you stay in families of incest and eat at their holiday tables without an abuser having fully disclosed their secrets, fully acknowledged their abuse, fully repented for their actions and are receiving outside counseling, then you are living a life of famine.

Holidays can be a brutal time when you come through homes of incest. Keep yourself safe. Use these five measures to protect yourself this holiday season:

  • #1 — Do you want to sit next to your abuser at the holiday table? If you don’t want to, DON’T DO IT!

You matter. God would tell you — U C U (*you see you). Stop looking at what your family wants, what the abuser will do, and so on.

I learned a long time ago that spending time with my incestuous family was far worse than spending the holiday with people who truly cared for me or, alternatively, spending it alone. I was more cared for in my own presence, then in the presence of the abusers!

Originally published at on November 21, 2022.



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Jodie Tedder

We write openly about our sexual childhood abuse, not only because we need to express but because we want to shine some light on this difficult healing path.