Episode II: Findings the Facts | Pinpointing the Day of the Murder

In Episode II we discuss the facts of the case, the investigation as well as cover the sequence and timeline of events as they unfolded. The facts of this case found the name of the missing woman, not the other way around.

We will be back with Episode III in 2 weeks. We will get into the life and untimely death of Madeline Babcock. I will describe the process of hiring a PI to investigate the missing woman’s family, how she built a three-year relationship with Madeline’s sister.

Here’s the link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RpC_qDT0xVM&t=2093s.

That’s all for today. I’m tired.

Originally published at http://prisonerbynocrimeofmyown.com on February 2, 2021.




Incest. Murder. Rape. Then, I turned four. This is my story.

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Jodie Tedder

Jodie Tedder

Incest. Murder. Rape. Then, I turned four. This is my story.

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