Dog Day Dead

Jodie Tedder
2 min readJun 8, 2021


When we keep our stories locked up inside us, denying their validity, we do more than suffer; we perpetuate death.

Death is the action of dying.

Only telling the truth ends this cycle.

Millions of abused people end up with diseases, illness and sickness of all kinds. Disabilities abound in the land of denial.

Breaking the seal of the curse of incest over your life is the only way out. Keeping its secret hidden will destroy you and those around you that you love.

There is no other story for those of us that have lived through this experience. You cannot change the story to soften its blow. It just doesn’t work.

I’ve seen this time and time again. Your memory starts, your body reacts — you know it to be true.

What do you choose?

The pain and suffering of continuing on with that memory? Or do you choose to block it out and carry on pushing that memory aside?

If you get a sliver in your foot and don’t remove it, what happens?

If the splinter isn’t removed, the body won’t absorb the invader or break it down. Rather, the body will likely try to push the splinter out. The splinter may cause an inflammatory reaction, which could mean swelling and redness in that area. What’s more, pockets of pus may form to help expel the splinter.

If you deny a memory of childhood sexual abuse, your body can’t absorb the invader or break it down. Rather, your body will try to expel it.

It’s easier to actively remove it yourself. Get the cancer out of you. You are worth it.

Don’t live with pockets of pus inside you!

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Jodie Tedder

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