Courage to Defeat

Jodie Tedder
1 min readMar 22


Do you have the courage it takes to defeat those that hurt you? For years and years I did not. I let everyone walk right over me. In front of my face I can recall my mother ridiculing me, my ex-husband speaking so terribly to me that his own father defended me.

Why did I allow it?

Interestingly, my father did not ridicule me in my adulthood. He didn’t need to. He had effectively silenced me.

In my head, I heard their disparaging remarks. I knew it was wrong, but I still allowed it.

Do you know how to shut down a bully? You use your mouth. You use your intellect. You use your heart determination.

Today, I don’t live by those standards any longer. In fact, I won’t allow it in my work life either. I just stepped down from a big position. I didn’t like the way I was being treated. It felt unfair, unprofessional, and just plain mean.

I took courage and left that job.

What do you need courage for today?

Originally published at on March 22, 2023.



Jodie Tedder

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