Jodie Tedder
2 min readNov 21, 2020


I think we all would like to believe we are no longer in collusion with our abusers. That can only be true when we’ve stopped the secretive cooperation with them. This deceitful agreement we have with them keeps us quiet.

I knew when I was no longer in collusion with my family. It was when I decided to open my mouth and start seeking out the road to my story.

I firmly believe that we are only out of collusion with these enemies of our soul when we break the bond shared between us: the covenant of silence.

Don’t talk. Don’t tell. Don’t believe yourself.

The code of honor between me and all of my abusers weakened tremendously as I used my voice against them. Does that sounds harsh? To use your voice against them? Or does the very thought of someone else sitting next to you in your pain make breaking the silence intolerable for you?

Crack the code and tell someone your story.

You deserve that way more than you deserve silent suffering, living in pretense and staying in collusion with your abuser.

Go after your dreams!

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Jodie Tedder

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