Break Free

2 min readMar 24, 2023

Acknowledging the truth of our story is terrifying.

Thinking differently from the rest of the world is terrifying.

But it is time to take this seriously. The only way we will wake up as a human race is if enough of us wake up and start holding abusers accountable.

Living outside of the fear and denial is incredibly powerful and one of the most liberating things we can accomplish.

So many of us are are programmed to believe the lies instead of the truth.


The lies are much more convenient.

They make the world look less harsh.

They make horrible abuses disappear.

They make the powerful look like good people.

They give us a false sense of security too.

But under the surface, they don’t reduce our fear. They increase it. Deep down, we know the truth. And we know the blinders we are wearing can cause us more harm than good.

So we need to stop believing the lies because it feels better on the surface. We need to start believing the stuff that is hard to hear. We need to start believing the real truth from ourselves and others. We have to start believing the victims of horrible crimes and abuses.

They are not hallucinating.
They are not in need of meds. They are not lacking credibility. They are extremely brave.

And choosing to ignore or invalidate them is retraumatizing to them and the human race. The truth has to come out.

It is time for change. It is time to stop protecting the wrong people by participating in a abuser-enmeshed society.

It is time to question the fear-based choices of everyone around us. We have been given everything we need to break out of this prison.

And it’s time to use our tools.

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We write openly about our very traumatic childhoods. Understanding. Understanding. Unquestionable understanding. That's the message God has for you always!