An Evil Persuasion

Abusers don’t come to you as evil, abusers come to you as good. Their persuasion is unmatched.

I’ve met few individuals who call their abuser evil. Rather, they are persuaded to see the good in the person that harmed them. I’ve so often heard, “I think he was giving me the love I was looking for.” This statement from a child of eight!

If pedophiles wore their heinous nature on their face, we would never return. But, they don’t. Their wickedness has taught them how to hide themselves. Their sneer is hidden from the innocent. Their torture plays out like a charade.

You’re almost cast in role that you like.

That’s how good they are at their game.

Victims will return time and time again, almost with a sense of “asking for it.” Oh, they groom you well.

Their wickedness needs to be exposed and yet we grapple with exposing them! We want to love them, so that their rapes are part of grand love scheme — or something, right?

I hear it all the time! And, it breaks my heart.

Don’t gush over these people with your denial, please. I beg of you to see them for who they are. Don’t blame others around them, put the blame directly in the face of the person who abused you.

They didn’t love you.

Originally published at on September 17, 2021.



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Jodie Tedder

We write openly about our sexual childhood abuse, not only because we need to express but because we want to shine some light on this difficult healing path.