A Rush to Evil

Jodie Tedder
2 min readJun 1


Why don’t we talk more about incest in our socieites at large? The trauma is lifelong and threatens lives daily. Every nine minutes a child is abused in the US, and this is a global problem.

Shame is discussed at great length around the world. Brene Brown is best known for her TedTalks on the subject. But, incest is the sexual abuse not talked about.

We should be talking about it because it can be a fatal wound.

This crime starts in very young children most of the time. They are groomed early and often. This ensures that they won’t be sharing their story with anyone and allows the abuse to continue for years. The crime of incest is not usually a one time occurence but happens over and over and over.

The numbers are always underreported but they come in with about 1 in 5 girls and 1 in 7 boys. Where are all these survivors? That’s millions of unheard voices — untold stories — broken lives.

Why aren’t we doing more specifically with cases of incest? These are some of the most heinious crimes and yet law enforcement, court systems, prosecutors — they all shy away from these cases. They hate them. They are hard to prove. Everyone involved is volitile. Who is the liar? Who is telling the truth?

The deepest issue is that the prepetrator in these cases are also the protector of these children — their providers. That creates confusion for those listening. We need to train society at large to protect these innocent babies. To protect the grown person carrying the trauma in their bones.

I am here. I am still standing. I will use my last breath to bring understanding to all victims and to the world at large.

We need to be doing more. Period!

Originally published at https://prisonerbynocrimeofmyown.com on June 1, 2023.



Jodie Tedder

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