Jodie Tedder

Imagine with me a victim that has lost their teeth. Their shame and pain would show, wouldn’t it? How much we all hide. We hide behind fake stories. We put on a distant smile. We cover our pain with fake hair, fake nails, and whatever else we can buy.

If someone had the ability to walk into your life and strip off everything you hide behind, where would you find comfort?

Originally published at on September 29, 2022.



On the discussion of fear — ask yourself this question: “ Who taught you to fear?

  • Was it God or was it a bad person in your life?
  • Was it God or a person who hurt you?
  • Was it God or a scary movie?

Who taught you to fear? I would suggest that it wasn’t God that taught you to fear.

  • God did not make me scared — my father did.
  • God did not plant fear into my life — my mother’s lack of care and concern for me did.
  • God did not cause me to fear in the night hours — the years of physical, mental, and sexual torture did.

It was God that has taught me to not fear.

Originally published at on September 23, 2022.